Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elluminate - I was trepidacious but...

I have really enjoyed using Elluminate to communicate with kids. I found that the kids who never speak in class, talk over Elluminate channels. At COL summer school we have been using LearnNowBC's version 8, so I don't know much about version 10, but so far its been sweet! I am still a rookie btw and I haven't used all the interactive pieces...

Things I really like:
  • Having a virtual community
  • Being able to share with each other
  • Using a slideshow allows you to keep a linear lesson (I tend to go off on tangents)
  • The ability to open up discussion rooms
Things I wish/hope it will/does have in the newest version
  • Secure Login for students - so we know who is who in the class
  • Attendance tracker - with a tinme stamp to see who comes in and who leaves
  • An activity monitor to see how much time they are working within a breakout room
I still need to get comfortable with students controlling the mic, chat and whiteboard but I think that will come with experience. I will use this for sure with my digital immersion class next semester and I have already attended a virtual conference (yeah yeah...get with the times, I know).

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